Stage backdrops and projection screens

by / Tuesday, 30 October 2012 / Published in Backdrops, Projection Screens, Stage Backdrops

At conferences, showrooms and Workshops, many times our clients need to set up stage backdrops that hold projection screens in order to make the audience focus on the projections. Thanks to FrameRental, we can make stage backdrops and projection screens in different sizes and colors.

Our work starts with an initial set design or a client’s idea. After that, we examine and develop our system to adapt it to that single project. We make up some tests to see the final result of our stage backdrops and projection screens if it is necessary, so the stenography is perfect at the future event.

When we have to set up the scenography, stage backdrops or projection screens, we have the best technical staff: specialists with lots of experience in the world of events and shows. FrameRental has been developing and improving this new system for years, in order to create stage backdrops and projection screens.

Whatever your event looks like, we are sure we have the best solution to complete your scenography.

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