Event backgrounds

by / Monday, 14 January 2013 / Published in AVDrop, Stage Backgrounds

When designing an event, a background is a very important piece to create a scenography or a space. A background allows us to limit the space or focus the viewer attention into some place. The stage background depends basically on the event itself. Is the event a fashion runway? Is it a conference? Is it necessary to make some projections?

With FrameRental event designers and scenographers have a new system of backdrop construction that can solve all these problems, creating stage backgrounds of different measures and styles. They only need to think in the design, as the construction of these backgrounds is modular and so far, adaptable to any measure.

Some of the most common stage backgrounds that we have done with this system are:

  • One plain colour stage backgrounds.
  • Stage backgrounds with projection screens.
  • Projection screen frames.
  • Projected walls as stage backgrounds.
  • Stage backgrounds printed with photos, illustrations or corporate images.