Stage Backdrop

Audiovisual backdrops

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Stage Backdrop

Why AV Drop?

Compact. Lightweight. Endlessly reusable

Stage Backdrop

Conference backdrops

Take a look at our latest projects

Stage Backdrop

Why AV Drop?

Modular. Configurable. Fast

The new standard for stage backdrops

Stage backdrop modular

It's Lego-like

· 100% modular

· 6 different pieces only

· Components snap together with a click

stage backdrop no tools

Unbelievably easy to install

· No complex training

· No tools

· Few workers required

Backdrop system modular

It adapts to each event

· Configure it depending on your needs

· Height= Up to 6 meter

· Width= No limit

Backdrop system reusable

Just aluminum and fabrics

· Endlessly reusable

· No wood

· No leftovers

Backdrop system fast

Sets up faster than light

· Incredibly lightweight

· Fits everywhere

· Transport & elevator friendly

Backdrop system compact

Extremely compact

· Takes no space in your warehouse

· Standard unassembled size: 1’75 x 1’75 x 1’20

· Flight case available



· Place any number of screens

· Aspect ratio: 4:3 or 16:9

· Many sizes available ranging from 240x180 to 500x281

Backdrop system affordable

Revolutionize your AV company NOW!

· Maximise productivity

· Cut expenditures

· Change your AV company forever

Play our videos and see AV Drop in action!

Fast. Easy. Configurable. Reusable. AV Drop is a revolutionary system created for stage backdrops setups, but it's got many other applications . Assembling and disassembling can be archieved in record times. There is no need of tools. Few workers are required. AV Drop allows you to create stage backdrops to any width and heights up to 6 metres. Whatever the event, AV Drop can provide for it.

Not sure about it yet? Press Play and watch our demo videos. Just 2 minutes that may change the future of your AV Company forever.